Steve Vai – Eugene’s Trick Bag Video Guitar Lessons

In this video lesson series we will take a note-for-note look at Steve Vai's "Eugene's Trick Bag" from the movie "Crossroads".

If you have never seen this movie you should check it out. There is great guitar playing all through it but this piece of music is the grand finale of the movie. It comes when Jack Butler (Steve Vai) battles Eugene (Ralph Macchio) in a guitar head cutting dual. It is a fantastic scene.

Anyway, the piece we have here is the music that Eugene plays to defeat Jack Butler. It is VERY popular with guitarists and probably the most requested song here at So here it is!!

This video series consists of 3 videos total, the performance video and 2 note-for-note video lessons covering each section of the piece. This piece is crazy fast so take your time getting it up to speed. 😀

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Steve Vai "Eugene's Trick Bag" - Arpeggio Section

Steve Vai "Eugene's Trick Bag" - Caprice Section

Steve Vai "Eugene's Trick Bag" - Full Performance For Study


  1. Daryl on May 14, 2022 at 4:08 pm

    Nice job. That one took me awhile to learn back in the 90’s. I often use the picking part as a warm up exercise. Your tone is spot on. It would be nice to learn Paganini’s version on guitar. I’m guessing you probably know it as well. Thanks.

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