Stratego Guitar Lesson – Iron Maiden

In this Stratego guitar lesson video, I will show you how to play this great song from Iron Maiden in its entirety.

The tuning is standard tuning, E A D G B E.

Keep in mind that this lesson was filmed just a few hours after "Stratego" was released. Because of that, there were no live video performances available online in order to make sure all of the guitar lines are taught in the exact same position as originally recorded.

In any case, I will take you through each section of the song in the order that each appears on the original recording.

For many of the sections, there are multiple guitar parts being played. I will demonstrate most of these parts but won't be covering every single little guitar layer or harmony line throughout the song. The main harmony lines and riffs for each section will be covered though.

I hope you guys enjoy watching this in-depth breakdown of this new (at the time this lesson was published) Iron Maiden song! Carl...

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Stratego Guitar Lesson - Iron Maiden


  1. Johan Peters on December 4, 2021 at 8:40 am

    Hey Carl this is a great one from their new album. But can we do the classic Rime of the Ancient Mariner.

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