Sweet Caroline Guitar Chords Lesson – Neil Diamond

In this Sweet Caroline guitar chords lesson video, I will show you how to play this massive hit by Neil Diamond in it's entirety.

I have chosen to show you the acoustic guitar chords that Neil Diamond performed the song with in the years following "Sweet Caroline's" release in 1969.

It was originally recorded in standard tuning with a capo at the 2nd fret. That is the way I will teach it in the video lesson so that you can play along with the original recording. I will call out the chord names as they are compared to the capo to make it easy to follow along instead of the actual chord name.

More recently, you will see Neil Diamond perform this song without a capo. He still plays it in standard tuning but moves the chords down two frets to match taking the capo off. This drops the key of the song down a whole-step. But I will teach it in it's original tuning.

For the most part, the chords and strumming patterns are very easy. You will however, need to be able to play some basic bar chords.

I will break down each section of the song in the same order that they appear. I am focusing only on Neil Diamond's acoustic guitar chords and not the higher voiced guitar overdubs.

I hope you enjoy learning this all-time classic song. It will make you a hit by the campfire!


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Sweet Caroline Guitar Chords Lesson - Neil Diamond

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