The Beatles – Mother Nature’s Son Guitar Lesson

In this Mother Nature's Son guitar lesson video, I will show you how to play this beautiful fingerstyle acoustic song primarily written by Paul McCartney for The Beatles' White Album.

The tuning is standard tuning.

"Mother Nature's Son" contains some pretty tricky guitar work, especially in the intro and chorus sections.

Paul McCartney has a very unique fingerpicking style that is based more off of feel than precise fingerings. For "Mother Nature's Son", McCartney uses a rhythmic fingerstyle technique where he plays a lot of the rhythm figures by hitting the strings with the back of his nail. He does this along with plucking out the bass and melody notes with traditional fingerstyle technique using his thumb and index finger.

I will demonstrate in the video a good way of accomplishing this that feels pretty natural.

McCartney created some really beautiful chord progressions for "Mother Nature's Son". I think it still sounds great even without the vocals since the guitar parts are so melodic.

The is a great fingerstyle acoustic track for the intermediate and above player. Enjoy!


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The Beatles - Mother Nature's Son

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