Tornado of Souls Guitar Lesson – Megadeth

I have a truly epic set of guitar lessons for you today. In this Tornado of Souls guitar lesson video series, I will show you note-for-note how to play this monster metal classic by Megadeth.

The original recording and these video guitar lessons are in standard tuning.

The first video lesson will demonstrate every riff in the song from beginning to end. Some of these riffs can be pretty challenging, so take your time working your way through the song.

I think Dave Mustaine is one of the greatest rhythm guitar players in metal history. It is pretty incredible that he can sing over these riffs as well.

Throughout the video, I will also let you know the minute and second mark that each new section appears on the original recording so that you don't get lost in the sea of riffs.

In the second video lesson, I will tackle Marty Friedman's incredible guitar solo note-for-note.

This solo is probably the most popular of any of the solos he did in Megadeth.

The solo opens with a lot of Marty Friedman's trademark melodic techniques with lots of pre-bends that can be pretty daunting to get just right.

After the melodic first-half of the solo, he launches into a fast arpeggio sequence that crosses strings rapidly using sweep picking and string skipping, followed by a series of extremely fast repeated two-string arpeggios.

These repeated arpeggios require you to be able to play very large stretches across the fretboard. The good thing for this section is that the arpeggio sequence is just a repeated pattern. You can practice that pattern without the stretches first so that you can get the timing down before placing that pattern within those large stretches.

I suggest taking your time learning this solo and simply learn it phrase-by-phrase, like I teach it in the video lesson. Eventually, you will be able to put those phrases together to perform the complete guitar solo.

Good Luck!


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