Uptown Funk Guitar Lesson – Mark Ronson | Bruno Mars

This Uptown Funk guitar lesson will show you note-for-note how to play this Mark Ronson hit featuring Bruno Mars. I will be showing you how to play all those funky guitar parts and in addition I will transcribe a lot of the bass lines and keyboard parts for guitar so you can stay busy throughout the entire song. 🙂

The main riff of Uptown Funk is based around a couple of simple chord forms played in a very tight and funky rhythmic style. The muting is just as important as the chords in parts like these so I hope you will really focus on that. You will want to keep a very consistent 16th note strum going on in the right hand and left the left hand muting be responsible for bringing the chords in and out. Check out my funk rhythm guitar lessons if you are unfamiliar with this style of playing.

During the verse there is a short guitar riff followed by a section that seems to be played on the bass guitar and keyboards. What I will do here is show you the guitar part and the keyboard part so it becomes one cohesive riff. It's really fun to play too!

The pre-chorus is simply and ascending chromatic scale played on the keys. I will show you how to play that as well.

Along the way there will be a couple of guitar fills that I will demonstrate, but the real star of the show in this lesson is the guitar solo that happens within the song's breakdown section.

This guitar solo can be quite the challenge to get it completely up to speed. Not only do you need to play guitar chords very high up the fretboard, but you will also need to shift around the fretboard quite rapidly.

Take your time with this solo and learn it phrase-by-phrase like I teach it in the lesson. After you can play each part well on it's own, you can then attempt to put them all together. It's a pretty short solo, but is very fun to play once you get it under your fingers!

So I hope you guys enjoy learning this smash hit! It will certainly give most guitar players a nice challenge. 🙂


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Uptown Funk Guitar Lesson - Mark Ronson feat. Bruno mars

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