Van Halen – Panama Video Guitar Lessons

Eddie Van Halen's playing on the enormously successful 1984 album produced too many instant classic guitar moments to count.

Some of the best are found in "Panama", one of Van Halen's greatest songs. Panama is classic Eddie Van Halen at his best with rhythm guitar work that seems to be everywhere at the same time while propelling the music forward in an incredibly exciting manner.

Eddie's genius not only lies in his solos, but also in his signature rhythm guitar work, which is just as identifiable as his soloing. Of course when it does get to the solo, Eddie pours on the virtuosity to showcase mind-boggling legato licks, right hand tapping and pinch harmonics all within a highly melodic musical statement.

Every guitar player should learn this show stopper. So what are you waiting for? Learn it all now! Good luck!!


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Panama Guitar Lesson - Intro

Panama Guitar Lesson - Chorus, Verse & PreChorus

Panama Guitar Lesson - Guitar Solo & Bridge

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  1. griff says:

    Hay Carl, I like your lessons there awesome, I wanted to ask you to do the song “Bridge of light” by Pink on acoustic on your YouTube channel, I always wanted to learn that song, it’s the finger picked version, that would make my day. Thanks in advance.

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