Van Halen – Spanish Fly Guitar Lesson

In this Spanish Fly guitar lesson video, I will show you how to play this extremely challenging nylon string acoustic instrumental by the great Eddie Van Halen note-for-note.

The tuning used on the original recording and in this lesson video is D standard. That means every string is tuned down a whole step. D G C F A D

This short instrumental contains many challenging techniques, including tap harmonics, tapping with large fret-hand stretches and fast alternate picking.

I will break each section down in the order that they occur in the tune.

The fast picking sections are the parts that are the most difficult to play note-for-note since they don't really follow a specific pattern except at one specific point.

The tapping sections are very pattern oriented and shouldn't be difficult to memorize. The challenge here is the large stretches in the fret-hand which can get tiring pretty quick.

I hope you guys enjoy learning the challenge tune!


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Van Halen - Spanish Fly Performance

Van Halen - Spanish Fly Guitar Lesson

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