Weekly Guitar Technique Workout – Week 7

In this week's guitar technique workout we will actually get a great workout for the fretting hand and the mind! 🙂

How is this you say? Well this week's workout requires you to jump quickly between different pentatonic scale shapes across the entire fretboard. In order to do this workout up to speed you need to able to see all of those scale shapes quickly. This kind of exercise can help develop that skill.

The actual technique involved with this workout requires a lot of hammer-ons and pull-offs. I suggest getting the pattern down in just one place at first. It is an 16th note pattern that is 8 notes long.

You will always be picking the very first note on every string then hammering-on and pulling-off everything else. This makes this workout a great exercise for the synchronization of the picking and fretting hands as well.

Be sure to grab the TAB download for this workout below.

Week 7 Guitar Technique Workout TAB PDF Download

Eventually you may want to try combining all 3 exercises into one large repeatable exercise. That would be ideal actually. Then you can also start moving it around to different keys which will greatly increase your visual comprehension of the fretboard.

That kind of visualization may take some time but is definitely worth the effort. 🙂

Ok now get to work! Carl..

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Week 7 Guitar Technique Workout

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