What Would You Say Guitar Lesson – Dave Matthews Band

Today's "famous riff" is the funky main guitar riff to "What Would You Say" by the Dave Matthews Band.

This What Would You Say guitar lesson will break down this intricate groove based riff phrase by phrase.

On a technical level I would put this riff at about an intermediate level. It does move around at a fairly quick tempo but is also very repetitive.

My suggestion is to take your time and learn the riff in pieces like it is taught in the lesson video. After you can put it all together, it is then time to start working on the funky feel.

The feel itself is more difficult to recreate at slower tempos so you will notice that as you can play the riff more quickly the original funky groove of the riff will start to emerge and become more easy to do consistently.

If you enjoy learning this main riff be sure to "like" this lesson video on YouTube. If it gets 600 YouTube likes I will then teach the entire song including the cool jam section in the middle.

Here is a link below to this video's YouTube page so you can easily find it and like it.

What Would You Say Guitar Lesson YouTube Page <-- Click here and then click the "like" button under the video.

So have fun with this tricky little riff from the Dave Matthews Band. I will see you guys back here with the full song once those "likes" are in!


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What Would You Say Guitar Lesson


  1. Mike DiMercurio on April 23, 2016 at 10:28 am

    Great lesson on this riff to Dave Matthews “What Would you Say?”. I would like to see the whole song played entirely with the band session jam that Dave plays. Is this already available?

  2. Peter Rosen on June 11, 2017 at 8:20 pm

    I second that…..I would like to see the rest of this song if possible

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