Developing Fingerstyle Guitar Independence Pt.2

For the second lesson video in this developing fingerstyle guitar independence series, we will make things just a little bit trickier byincoporationg the little finger into the picking patterns.

Remember, that any fingers that aren’t involved in a particular picking pattern should be resting by lightly planting on their respective strings. It is this relaxation of …Continue Reading »

Developing Fingerstyle Guitar Independence Pt.1

In this lesson series I will demonstrate some fingerstyle guitar exercises that I have found to greatly aid in the training of the picking hand fingers to be more relaxed, coordinated and independent of the other fingers.

The process of developing fingerstyle guitar independence involves basic fingerpicking patterns with a slight twist. That little twist is …Continue Reading »

Effective Finger Stretches For Guitarists

One of the most essential aspects of playing guitar is keeping your hands in shape and ready to play. Not only do proper warm-ups loosen up your hands and make is possible for you to perform at a high level, but they will also help prevent repetitive motion injuries that are so common with musicians.

These …Continue Reading »

Romance – Acoustic Fingerstyle Guitar Lesson- Romanza

This free video guitar lesson is for the beautiful fingerstyle guitar piece “Romance”. It is very well known in the classical guitar world and is a great workout for using bar chords.

The TAB for this song can be found below:

Romance Acoustic Fingerstyle TAB PDF Download

Take your time with the stretches, especially in the second half …Continue Reading »

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