A Sky Full Of Stars Guitar Lesson – Coldplay

In this video guitar lesson we will take an in-depth look at how to play Coldplay's smash hit "A Sky Full of Stars" on the guitar.

This song is Coldplay's first dance track and the infectious melodies used throughout the song have made it one of their most beloved songs.

In this A Sky Full of Stars guitar lesson video, I will show you how to play the piano chord progression used throughout the song in addition to the guitar parts.

In order to keep the chords in the same key as the original track and still make it reasonably easy to play, I have transcribed the piano parts for a standard tuned guitar with a capo at the 6th fret. The capo is essential to making the chords not only playable, but nice and full sounding as well.

You can still play all of the guitar parts fine with the capo on your guitar since none of the standard guitar parts go below the 7th fret. For the most part, Jonny Buckland's guitar riffs are simply melodic ideas that work over the main chord progression.

The essential part of the song you will want to learn in the opening Eb minor chord progression. It can be a little difficult to get it up to speed and still get all the notes exactly right, but I think it is a great challenge to the intermediate level player.

Pay close attention to not only how the chords are played, but also what strings I am strumming. The top note of each chord is the melody note and when that note occurs on the B string you will want to make sure that is the top string that you pick.

So good luck with the modern dance/rock classic from the great Coldplay!


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A Sky Full of Stars Guitar Lesson - Coldplay

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