Intervals On The Guitar Pt.3 “Fifths”

This lesson continues our study of diatonic intervals on the guitar using 3-notes per string major scales.

Just as with fourth intervals, there will be a lot of rolling when performing fifths. Just take your time and make sure that you are preparing the rolls correctly and the speed and fluidity will come.

Don't forget that these interval studies should be practiced just as much as your regular scale studies. With the two combined in muscle memory, you will have and endless supply of melodic ideas to choose from.

As in the previous interval lessons, I didn't write out the fingerings in the PDF TAB download, that is what you will watch the video to figure out. Then you can write the fingerings in underneath the notes in the TAB if you like, but I feel that you will memorize them better if you do the writing yourself.

Here is the PDF TAB download for this lesson on fifths.

Fifth Interval Patterns For The Guitar PDF

Have Fun with the new patterns, "sixths" will be the next in this series. YIKES!! It's getting pretty crazy now!! 🙂

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Diatonic Fifth Intervals On The Guitar

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