Ain’t No Sunshine Guitar Lesson – Bill Withers

Today's lesson is a quick and easy one. In this Ain't No Sunshine guitar lesson video, I will show you all the guitar chords and fingerpicking for this acoustic classic by Bill Withers in just a few minutes.

The first thing I will cover is the fingerpicking. Bill Withers employs a very simple pattern throughout the entire song. It will require you to alternate between a thumb stroke followed by a doublestop played with your index and middle fingers. It shouldn't take very long to get this pattern down. Try to make sure both notes are equal in volume when playing the doublestop.

After that we will cover the chords. The chord shapes and fingerings used are very similar throughout the entire song. There is basically two different short chord progressions.

I have chosen to finger the chords the exact same way that Bill Withers does but have also demonstrated another way to finger them that might be a little less awkward for you.

The is a great song for the beginner level guitarist looking to learn a little bit about fingerpicking while still learning a great song. Learning how to play "Ain't No Sunshine" would be perfect for that. 🙂

Hope you guys enjoy this one!


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Ain't No Sunshine Guitar Lesson - Bill Withers


  1. Jeff Walker` on September 27, 2016 at 9:50 pm

    Another great lesson!!!! I have been putting off finger picking but finally decided to give it a try. This seemed to be the perfect song. Thanks for a great lesson and one which was really not hard to learn and is fun to play. Thanks again.

  2. Peter Hamer on January 26, 2017 at 12:57 am

    Really nice, thanks mate.

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