Bang Bang Guitar Lesson – Green Day

In this Bang Bang guitar lesson video, I will show you how to play this Green Day hit in it's entirety.

There is some great rhythm guitar work in this one so hopefully it will help you get your punk rock rhythm chops in shape.

As with a lot of Green Day tracks, there is heavy use of power chords throughout and they are played across the fretboard with an in-your-face aggressive playing style.

Besides having a strong grasp of how to play power chords that jump around the fretboard quickly, there is also a cool octave melody section that moves up the high registers of the guitar.

Things move by pretty quick with this one, but if you are used to this style of playing there shouldn't be anything too difficult to learn. It will be the tempo of the song that will probably take the longest to get down.

Be sure to play the rhythms slow at first before ramping up to the breakneck speeds that Green Day prefers. 🙂

Have fun!


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Bang Bang Guitar Lesson - Green Day

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