Right Hand Rhythm Pt.2

This lesson starts getting down to the business of playing rhythmic patterns in the left hand. Once you understand how these patterns are created, it will seem like the easiest thing in the world.

Make sure when you are strumming to hit the strings firmly but don't dig in. You will want it to be like you are gliding across the strings and not dragging the pick across them.

Try to shoot for an even and solid sound when striking the strings, like one big hit. You don't want to hear all the strings separately as you go across, you want it to be one full sound that gives the impression that all of the strings where struck at the same time.

Stayed tuned for the next lesson because we will start working with chords in the left hand. WooHoo!!

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Right Hand Rhythm Pt.2

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    thank you for good lessn man…………

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