Big Empty Guitar Lesson – Stone Temple Pilots

In this Big Empty guitar lesson video, I will show you how to play all of the guitar chords for this Stone Temple Pilots' hit.

I have stripped it down to just an acoustic guitar with this one, like they played it on their Unplugged performance. However, the chords are still exactly the same as the original recording with electric guitars.

"Big Empty" is one of the easier Stone Temple Pilot songs to play. There aren't any bar chords to contend with and the strumming patterns are very simple as well.

The opening chord progression contains just two chords with a slight embellishment on each. This section also makes up the verse.

The chorus then kicks in which is made up of a simple standard open G major chord moved up the fretboard.

At the end of the chorus there is a cool little riff that is just played once the first time you hear it. Later on in the song it is repeated though.

There is also a quick little bridge section that contains an repeated arpeggio picked pattern.

I have decided to just focus on the guitar chords for this lesson since the slide guitar parts require an open tuning. Live, guitarist Dean DeLeo usually just improvises some slide guitar work on a standard tuned guitar.

In any case, have fun learning to play this great song from the Stone Temple Pilots!


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Big Empty Guitar Lesson - Stone Temple Pilots

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