Black Sabbath – Children of the Grave Guitar Lesson

In this Children of the Grave guitar lesson video series, I will show you how to play this Black Sabbath classic note-for-note!

First things first, the original recording has all strings tuned down a minor 3rd. I will be using that tuning for these video lessons as well. The notes to tune to are, starting from the 6th string (C# F# B E G# C#). That tuning pretty much makes anything you play on the guitar sound HUGE!

In the first video lesson, I will show you all of the chords and riffs Tony Iommi plays in "Children of the Grave". He favors playing power chords mostly off of the 6th string which requires him to play in a higher than normal position from time-to-time.

The most challenging riff occurs in the bridge/interlude section. That riff is a fast E minor blues lick that requires some pretty accurate fast picking.

In the second video lesson, I will tackle Tony Iommi's main guitar solo and short unison bend outro solo.

The solo is one of those improvised solo's that will be quite hard to play note-for-note just as it was originally recored. When you hear Tony Iommi play it live you will hear him give a pretty close approximation of all the licks, but not exactly note-for-note.

I will show you how to do that as well, but will also break down the solo note-for-note for those of you who want all the little details to be perfect.

I hope you enjoy learning this Black sabbath classic. It has some of their best rhythmic grooves in my opinion. 🙂


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Black Sabbath - Children of the Grave Guitar Lesson Pt.1 - Riffs

Black Sabbath - Children of the Grave Guitar Lesson Pt.2 - Solos

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