Born To Be Wild Guitar Lesson – Steppenwolf

In this Born To Be Wild guitar lesson video, I will show you how to play all the guitar chords, riffs and licks found in this hard rocking classic from Steppenwolf.

There is some really fun stuff to play in this one. The opening main riff was an instant classic when the song was releases and requires a pretty large fret-hand stretch to accomplish it. The main thing to focus on when attempting a stretch like this is your thumb's position on the back of the neck.

Keeping your thumb too high up will prevent your fingers from being able to stretch out and reach those notes. So if you are having trouble with that be sure to lower that thumb and things should fall into place much easier.

The verse is basically made up of two different parts. The first part is a simplified version of the main opening riff, that is followed by some quick bar chords with great guitar licks thrown in between the repeats.

In total, there are 3 verse sections of the song and they all use slightly different guitar licks. I will cover them all in detail so you will be able to quickly match each guitar lick on the original recording.

From there we will have a very simple to play chorus and pre-chorus. However, that is just setting us up for the great jam session coming up!

This jam session happens twice in the song and is a fantastic rhythm guitar exercise. I will break down all the rhythm hand strumming patterns along with the fret-hand muting in detail at a very slowed down tempo.

All-in-all "Born To Be Wild" is a lot of fun and a great guitar workout for the intermediate level guitarist. Have Fun!


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Born To Be Wild Guitar Lesson - Steppenwolf

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