Burn Guitar Lesson – Deep Purple

In this Burn guitar lesson, I will show you note-for-note, all of Ritchie Blackmore's classic riffs and jaw dropping solos for this classic of seventies hard rock from Deep Purple.

In the first video lesson I will just show you the main riff that starts the song. Some players just want to learn that so that one if for them.

I do recommend using your thumb on the low E string like I do in this video lesson. That is how Ritchie Blackmore himself played it and it makes the other fast moving chords in the riff much easier to play.

I think most intermediate level guitarists won't have much trouble with this riff. As always take it slow and just repeat the riff over and over again until you feel that it is nice and controlled.

After that you can proceed to speed it up but make sure you keep that groove going steady!

Starting in the second lesson video, we will get into a far more detailed breakdown of the whole song. The second lesson video will show you note-for-note how to play Ritchie Blackmore's main guitar solo plus the verse, chorus and bridge sections.

The solo is typical a Ritchie Blackmore tour de force. It has some extremely fast picking sequences and some slippery legato playing as well. It is a very well constructed solo from one of rock's most legendary guitar virtuoso's.  Take your time and practice the individual phrases in the solo like I teach them in the lesson. Where there is a very fast and repeated picking sequence, I will help you understand the pattern that is behind it all so it doesn't seem like some random sequence of notes.

In the third lesson video we will tackle that baroque inspired interlude section as well as the outro section. This interlude is an incredible picking exercise, requiring you to play very fast arpeggio sequences. As I mention in the lesson video, you will want to make sure these notes are separated and played in a very consistent rhythm. Try to keep your wrist and forearm relaxed as well. You may not want to practice it in long stretches since it can be quite tiresome, especially if you don't have your hands very relaxed.

In any case, I hope you guys enjoy learning this epic classic from Deep Purple. There is enough stuff in there to challenge just about any guitarist. Good Luck!


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Burn Guitar Lesson Pt.1 - Main Riff

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  2. GEORG on January 15, 2016 at 7:11 pm

    Hi Carl, I just checked this song again on youtube and it has 603 likes! I am looking forward to you teaching us the rest of this great song.

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    Carl it’s had 600 + when is the whole song coming out? It’ll make me pick up my guitar again ?

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    Thank you very much, Carl.

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