Careless Whisper Guitar Chords Lesson – George Michael

In this quick little Careless Whisper guitar chords lesson, I will show you the 4 simple guitar chords used for this smash hit by George Michael.

The entire song consists of the same 4 chord progression, so it probably won't take much time to get it under your fingers.

I will be tuned to standard tuning for this lesson.

The one thing that you can alter throughout the song is the rhythm. I talk a little bit about how to play strumming patterns in the video lesson, and you should take that knowledge and apply it to the various rhythms used through the song.

It is those rhythms that make the song progress from one section to the next even though the same 4 chord progression is being used the entire time.

Because of the great rhythm guitar building skills and the easy chord forms, "Careless Whisper" would be a great song for the beginning guitarist to learn. Or any player that loves simple but well done pop songs.

Enjoy! Carl...

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Careless Whisper Guitar Chords Lesson - George Michael


  1. Humaira Yasmin on January 14, 2017 at 3:08 am

    Hi Carl, regards from Malaysia, nice lesson though.I’ve learn a lot from your lessons. Can i make a request guitar lessons for Firehouse songs? Thank you?

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