Christmas Guitar Songs – Free Lessons

Well it looks as though it is time to get into the holiday spirit and learn a few Christmas guitar songs for you, your family or maybe even your pets. 😛

It has been a yearly tradition here at GuitarLessons365 to do a new Christmas guitar song every holiday season. But, I think it is gonna take forever to get most holiday favorites on the site by doing only one a year so this year I plan on doing a whole bunch of new Christmas song arrangements here on this page so you will have a lot to learn this coming holiday season.

Most of these lessons are teaching my own arrangements of holiday classics. I usually do solo guitar arrangements so the melody and chords are played at the same time giving you the ability to play an instrumental version of the song.

Now don't think that automatically means that the solo guitar arrangements are just for advanced guitar players. In many cases that may be true, but there will also be some easy guitar versions (ie silent night) that can be played by an almost total beginner.

So keep checking back here, there are gonna be many more Christmas guitar songs available very soon! Let me know which ones you will like to play!

Christmas Guitar Songs

Edelweiss (From The Sound of Music) Solo Guitar Version

Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas - Solo Guitar Version

John Lennon - Happy XMAS (War Is Over)

Silent Night - Easy Guitar Version