Clocks Guitar Lesson – Coldplay

In this guitar lesson I will show you a guitar version of Coldplay's "Clocks" that is easy to play while still recreating the original piano parts well.

To stay within the original key yet remain accessible to the beginner level guitarist, I decided to use a standard tuned guitar with a capo placed at the 1st fret.

I start the lesson by demonstrating how to play the instantly identifiable piano riff on the guitar. You will be playing in a relatively high register on the guitar to do this, but the chords are pretty simple and the picking is very consistent. I will show you exactly how you should be picking the notes as well.

After that I will show you the chords that are being played under this piano part. These are also the same chords being played by the keyboards during the verse.

The only other part of the song to learn is the bridge. Even though this part is also quite simple, it does require you to play a full bar chord. If you need any help on learning how to play those check out the beginner guitar section at GL365 to get all the help you need.

Hope you guys enjoy learning this smash hit by Coldplay!


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Clocks Guitar Lesson - Coldplay

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