Closer Guitar Chords – The Chainsmokers

In this Closer guitar chords lesson, I will show you all the chords for this smash hit by The Chainsmokers.

The easiest way to play these chords on ten guitar will be to tune your guitar down one half-step, starting from the 6th string, (Eb Ab Db Gb Bb Eb).

You will still need to play a bar chord, but I will help you learn how to properly prepare for that bar chord if you don't have much experience playing them.

The entire song consists of just 3 chords. The same chords are used for the verse and chorus sections.

The only thing different between those sections will be the rhythms used. I will break those rhythms down as well so that everything should be very easy to understand.



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Closer Guitar Chords - The Chainsmokers

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