Easy Guitar Versions

With these easy guitar versions, I am gonna try and simplify many popular songs to make playing them accessible to virtually any guitarist.

How this simplification process usually works is like this. Most songs no matter what style, have a basic chord progression as its foundation.

Some songs may take these simple chords and add extensions or various picking techniques in order to make the music more interesting and less predictable.

However, in these easy guitar versions I am gonna strip away all the fancy stuff and teach the actual basic chord progressions underneath. I will also try to make the chord voicings I use to play these chords as simple as possible.

It is pretty cool how close you can still get to the actual song even with a simplified version. Definitely good enough to strum along with friends or the actual recording.

I will also do some original arrangements of popular classics (ie silent night). These arrangements will generally be a solo guitar arrangement that consists of the chords and main melody played at the same time in a still very easy to play format.

All the other easy guitar versions you will find of various popular songs will simply consist of the chords. Any vocal melodies in the song won't be in the arrangement. So you may just want to learn these simple chords so you can sing the vocal melodies yourself. Great for campfires!

One last thing, this page is new. I have never really done easy guitar versions in the past so there may not be many easy songs to learn by the time you read this. There will be at least one easy guitar version added every week from here on out though. Hope you enjoy them!

Easy Guitar Versions

John Legend - All Of Me

John Lennon - Imagine

Silent Night - For Solo Guitar

The Beatles - Let It Be

U2 - One