Even Flow Guitar Lesson – Pearl Jam

In this Even Flow guitar lesson video, I will demonstrate in-depth how to play all of the guitar parts of this massive Pearl Jam hit off of their debut album Ten.

The tuning for both guitars will be dropped "D" tuning. That is, starting from the 6th string D A D G B E.

Throughout the entire song we have two separate guitar parts that come together to create a very full sound. I will generally show you the lower guitar part first followed by the higher parts, played by Mike McCready that work over it.

I will go through each section of the song in the order that it appears.

There are also a few sections of the song that lead guitarist Mike McCready plays a series of fills throughout the verse and at the end of the song. I will tackle those one-by-one.

I will also show you the album version of his killer guitar solo. I say album version because the official music video for the song had a different solo on it because it was from a live performance.

I hope you guys enjoy learning this incredibly cool song from the great Pearl Jam!


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Even Flow Guitar Lesson - Pearl Jam

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