Feliz Navidad Guitar Chords – Jose Feliciano

In this Feliz Navidad guitar chords video lesson, I will show you all the chords to this popular Christmas classic by Jose Feliciano.

Released in 1970, "Feliz Navidad" has become a holiday standard and one of the most played Christmas songs.

There are basically 3 different chord progressions to learn, the intro, verse and chorus.

I will also demonstrate the percussive strumming pattern used during the intro and verse. Once you get that pattern down, it really helps to propel the momentum of the song.

For the most part, we only have to play basic open position chords except for a B minor bar chord in the chorus. But, the rhythm is also more simplified during the chorus which will let you focus more on those chord changes.

I hope you guys enjoy this one!


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Feliz Navidad Guitar Chords - Jose Feliciano

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