Float On Guitar Lesson – Modest Mouse

In this quick little video guitar lesson we will take a look at the catchy and fun smash hit by Modest Mouse "Float On".

There aren't very many guitar parts to learn so everything will probably only take you a few minutes to master even if you have only a "modest" ability on the guitar. *Pun Intended

In this Float On guitar lesson I will quickly show you how to play those chords and licks.

The song starts with a four chord progression that employs a few hammer-ons within the chords as well. I would say the hardest part of this progression would be to properly time the hammer-ons within the strumming. The first and the third chords within the progression are the ones that contain the hammer-ons, so you may want to isolate those and practice them before playing the entire progression.

Over this chord progression comes a nice little catchy melody that I am sure almost every radio listener constantly had in their head when "Float On" first hit the airwaves in 2004.

The repetitive little melody is quite easy to play but does require you to mute the notes in a specific tempo to properly recreate the sound. Also, you will obviously need a second guitarist playing with you to play this melody since it happens over the previously learned chord progression.

Other than that, all we have left to learn is the serene chorus riff. This riff uses the exact same chords as the verse albeit in a arpeggio picked style.

The arpeggio picking pattern is consistent except for the very last chord. Be sure to let all the notes of each chord ring out as much as possible to help create the dreamlike atmosphere of this part.

Well that is about it! I hope you guys enjoy learning one of the most beloved pop rock hits of this new millennium!


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Float On Guitar Lesson - Modest Mouse

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