Foo Fighters – Run Guitar Lesson

In this Run guitar lesson video, I will show you how to play all of this killer song by the Foo Fighters.

We will be using standard just like the original recording.

There are 3 separate guitar parts for some sections of the song. I will show you how to play all of them and if you don't have 3 guitarists in your band, you can decide which ones are the most important. But, even if you just have one guitarist in your band, there is usually a main guitar part with the other 2 guitars just adding some texture to the sound.

The intro is a beautiful arpeggio picked sequence that is made up of two separate guitar parts being played together. The higher guitar part is the loudest in the mix so that would be the most important to play if you are the only guitarist.

After this intro section, the Foo Fighters then launch into some of the heaviest music of their career. This is a simple but absolutely pummeling guitar riff.

Dave Grohl and company continue through the song with a mixture of laid back sections (pre-chorus) and killer riffs (chorus) while always going back to that killer verse riff. All the while the vocal melodies and guitar riffs are catchy and extremely well done.

There is also a guitar solo that contains arpeggio picked 5th and 6th intervals. It is a very musical solo that compliments the underlying rhythm guitar parts very well and keeps the momentum of the music at a high level.

I would have to say that "Run" is probably my favorite song of the Foo Fighters' career so far. It is just so fun to play and listen to. I hope you guys enjoying it as well.


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Foo Fighters - Run Guitar Lesson

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