Ghost – Faith Guitar Lesson

In this Faith guitar lesson video, I will demonstrate how to play this great track off of their Prequelle album.

The tuning is D standard on both the original recording and for this lesson video. Starting from the 6th string, D G C F A D.

The intro contains some fast harmony guitar work that then launches into the main riff. I will demonstrate how to play each harmony guitar part.

The main riff is pretty much the verse riff of the song albeit with a slight alteration in the middle of it.

The chorus riff is really cool and consists of just single notes played up and down the 6th string until the ending power chord.

The first solo starts with a blisteringly fast alternate picked lick. However, if it is laid out across the fretboard properly, it is much easier to play. We then a have some tremolo picking. I will demsontrate the solo note-for-note and even show you a little alteration you can make towards the end of the solo like it is performed live.

After moving through the verse and chorus sections again, we get to the second guitar solo. This solo is much easier to play and has some nice melodic lines in it.

After the second solo there is a quick bridge section which contains once again, a single note riff played along the 6th string, but the notes are different than the chorus.

After all of that, we have an outro solo that is similar to the opening lick of the second solo, just repeated. It is hard to hear all the exact notes with all of the other guitar and vocals on top in the mix, but you will get the idea.

I hope you guys enjoy learning this great song from Ghost!


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Ghost - Faith Guitar Lesson


  1. Timothy Ward on March 28, 2019 at 5:21 pm

    Thanks Carl! This one was fun! Can you do Dance Macabre?

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