Girl Crush Guitar Lesson – Little Big Town

I have a nice and easy lesson for you guys today with Little Big Town's melancholy hit "Girl Crush".

In this Girl Crush guitar lesson, I will show you all of the subdued arpeggio picked guitar chords in their entirety as well as a couple of the guitar overdubs that appear within the song.

The entire song is basically made up of two different chord progressions. These two chord progressions make up the verse and chorus. The nice thing is that the chords used in each section are similar, but just used in a different order, so it shouldn't take you very long to memorize everything.

The hard part, at least if you are a beginner level guitarist, is that almost every chord in the song is a barre chord. If you are wanting to play "Girl Crush" on an acoustic, that may be quite the challenge because the constant barrage of barre chords can tire out your hand pretty quickly.

If you aren't very good at playing barre chords yet, check out my barre chords lessons and they should get you in shape in no time. The key is to have a proper hand position that doesn't require you to use a lot of strength for the barre chord shapes.

Hopefully practicing those lessons, the chord progression will be pretty easy to you and you can concentrate on the picking techniques required to play this huge country hit ballad.

You will need to practice two things in the picking hand. First, focus on the picking pattern itself. It will be a constant down down down, up up up pattern on every single chord. That consistency makes it a great technique exercise. Keep in mind, even thought the picking pattern remains the same, it doesn't always occur on the exact same strings.

Second, you will need to make sure you do the proper muting technique in the picking hand to get the best guitar tone. It requires an extremely light touch right where the strings meet the bridge.  Since the guitar tone for "Girl Crush" is a very subdued clean tone already, you need to make sure the notes you are picking aren't completely covered up by the muting. Use your ear to find the perfect pressure and try to keep that as consistent as possible throughout the song.

Have fun with this one! I am sure it will be popular by the campfire! 🙂


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Girl Crush Guitar Lesson - Little Big Town

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