Grace Guitar Lesson – Jeff Buckley

In this Grace guitar lesson video, I will show you how to play all of the late great Jeff Buckley's guitar parts for this highly requested song off of his 1994 album of the same name.

You will need to get your guitar into dropped "D" tuning in order to play along with the original recording and this lesson video. Those notes will be, starting from the 6th string (D A D G B E).

"Grace" opens with a pretty tricky pull-off lick that requires you to hold a bar chord while performing those pull-offs. Try to play this bar chord with as little finger pressure as possible. That will put less tension into your pinky finger which will allow it to perform all of the pull-offs a lot more consistently.

From there the song launches into a high voiced hammered-on triad lick that has a melody that is always moving in the top voice. This section also has a very cool rhythmic feel about it.

For the verse you can choose one of two guitar parts to play. On one track of the original recording you will hear basic strumming and on the other you will hear the same simple chords played in an arpeggio picking style. I will demonstrate both ways of playing it and either one will sound great when playing "Grace" with just one guitar. Perhaps strum the first verse then arpeggio pick it the second time around to give it a little variety?

The pre-chorus moves around quite a bit and uses some really cool chords vocings that slowly build to the chorus. Speaking of the chorus, it is probably the easiest part of the song to play by far.

The bridge section uses the same 6/9 chord shape throughout the beginning that is simply moved around to different positions of the fretboard which then moves into a riff that is very similar to the pre-chorus.

As with a lot of Jeff Buckley songs, there is some challenging yet beautiful guitar work to get under your finger here. But seeing as this is a highly requested song here at GL365, I am sure there will be plenty of guitarists out there ready to take on the challenge.

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Grace Guitar Lesson - Jeff Buckley

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