Hardwired Guitar Lesson – Metallica

In this Hardwired guitar lesson video, I will show you how to play all of this thrash metal hit by Metallica note-for-note.

No need to re-tune for this one, it is in standard tuning. Yaay!

"Hardwired" contains tons of super-fast picking, so make sure you are warmed-up before attempting to play along with this lesson and the original recording.

I will go through the song and teach each section in the order that they appear.

The intro consists of a gallop rhythm interspersed with some power chords. I will break down how to play that rhythm up to speed plus help you understand how the power chords are arranged in an easy to understand manner.

After that we make it to the main riff of the song which is total all-out thrash metal at it's finest. You will be playing fast 16th note rhythms for most of the song so it will require a lot of picking endurance.

The fast rhythms get broken up when we make it to the bridge section which is built from mostly a single note riff. This riff moves around quite a bit, but it is a great change of pace from the thrash metal rhythms we will be playing up until that point in the song.

After the bridge, I will tackle Kirk Hammett's quick little guitar solo. This solo is pretty easy to play by Kirk Hammett's standards and is very short as well. Hopefully you won't have much trouble with it.

I will finish out this Hardwired guitar lesson video by demonstrating the rest of the riffs in the song in the order they appear. Many of the riffs are simply slight variations of the main riff, but I will give you the exact minute and second mark of each new part so you will know exactly where I am at in the song at all times.

Hope you guys enjoy this one!


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Hardwired Guitar Lesson - Metallica

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