Harvester of Sorrow Guitar Lesson – Metallica

In this video guitar lesson series we will take a look at one of my personal favorite Metallica songs "Harvester of Sorrow".

"Harvester of Sorrow" seems to me to be in the "Sad But True" style of things with is persistent slow grooves that are almost hypnotic.

In the first video lesson we will focus on the intro section. On a technical level there isn't anything that is very hard to play here. The quick opening power chords may be the only part you may need to work up to speed. There is also a clean guitar part in the intro, but it is just the same thing as the main riff we cover in this tutorial albeit with a clean tone instead of a heavy distorted and palm muted one.

Speaking of the palm muting, it is essential that you have just the right amount of palm muting pressure applied during this into in order to make all of the notes pop-out and not sound mushy. Don't use too much weight with the palm muting. All little goes a long way.

For the second video lesson we will pick up where we left off in the first video and tackle all of the remaining riffs in "Harvester Of Sorrow". The groove is definitely the most important thing for these riffs. Locking into that feel is essential to playing these riffs. There isn't too much to worry about technique wise, at least for a Metallica song, so that should really help you focus on the groove.

In the third and final Harvester of Sorrow guitar lesson, I will teach you note-for-note how to play Kirk Hammett's guitar solo and in addition to that, I will show you how to play the harmony guitar section that comes after it.

There is a lot of fun stuff to play here, especially in the harmony guitar section. I will demonstrate how to play both harmony guitar parts just in case you have a guitar playing buddy you would like to play this with. There is some tricky stuff in there as well so be sure to learn it phrase-by-phrase and eventually put all of those phrases together.

I hope you guys enjoy this classic Metallica song that was quite unique for it's time. 🙂


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Harvester of Sorrow Guitar Lesson Pt.1 - Intro

Harvester of Sorrow Guitar Lesson Pt.2 - Remaining Riffs

Harvester of Sorrow Guitar Lesson Pt.3 - Solo and Harmony Section

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