Heart Of Gold Guitar Lesson – Neil Young

In this Heart of Gold guitar lesson video we will learn Neil Young's biggest hit note-for-note. Appearing on his 1972 album Harvest, "Heart of Gold" shot to number one, becoming Neil Young's only number one hit.

The really cool thing about "Heart of Gold" besides it being a great song, is that it can be played by just about any level of guitarist. Even beginner guitar players that can play a few simple chords shouldn't have much trouble at all learning "Heart of Gold" in it's entirety.

Neil Young uses mostly simple open position chords throughout the song. There is only one chord that uses a barre but you can easily play that very same chord as a basic open position chord if you want. In fact, these days Neil Young usually skips the barre chord version of that chord in his live performances, opting instead for the simple open position chord.

The rhythms are pretty straight forward and easy to grasp here as well. That combined with the simple fret hand chords means you should be playing this great acoustic classic in no time.

Throughout "Heart Of Gold", Neil Young employs lots of dynamics. If you don't know what that means it basically means that there are loud sections and softer sections of the song. The guitar parts follow suit with these dynamics, so you will want to practice playing at a few different volumes levels to really make this song sound authentic.

Practicing dynamics, even while just holding one chord and changing the volume that you are strumming is a great picking hand exercise. It requires a little bit more control than just strumming everything with the same amount of strength. Developing that control will make your overall picking hand technique much more solid.

So I hope this Heart of Gold guitar lesson will have something for just about every player. It can be a nice challenge for the beginning guitarist or just a nice campfire song for the advanced guitarist. Either way I hope you guys enjoy the lesson!


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Heart Of Gold Guitar Lesson - Neil Young


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