Hello, I Love You Guitar Lesson – The Doors

In this Hello, I Love You guitar lesson video, I will show you how to play this No.1 hit off of The Doors' 1968 album Waiting For The Sun note-for-note.

It is all single note riffs for this one as guitarist Robby Krieger opted for a funky yet psychedelic approach throughout most of the song.

The main riff, which opens the song, is also the chorus. It is the most distinct and recognizable riff of the song. It will also be the easiest one to get under you fingers. It does have a snappy staccato feel about it and things shift around rather quickly, but this quirky riff shouldn't give you too much trouble.

The more difficult sections of the song, I will cover through the rest of the lesson. These difficult sections make up the verse and outro sections.

The difficulty with these parts is not is technically playing them, because that is rather easy. The hard part is memorizing everything.

In will go through every note which may seem a bit laborious, but the key here is to write those notes down as you follow me in order to make the memorization easier.

I will also give some tips along the way on how to memorize these types of guitar riffs. Knowing the scale will help you immensely, so I will call out all the notes he uses for each part first. Then it is just a matter of remembering the melody within those notes.

Good luck with this one! It is a great memorization exercise!


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Hello, I Love You Guitar Lesson - The Doors

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