How To Play Stolen Dance by Milky Chance

In today's song lesson lesson I will teach you how to play Stolen Dance by the group Milky Chance in it's entirety.

I received a few requests for this song and I had to go and give it a listen since I was completely unfamiliar with the song. I found it to be a great addition for GL365 with it's nice chord work, fingerpicking and rhythmic groove created by muting the chords just after playing them.

In this lesson I will break down all 3 parts of the song in what will be a relatively quick and painless lesson. If you can play simple barre chords you shouldn't have to much trouble mastering "Stolen Dance". In fact, since you release the pressure on each chord almost immediately after playing it you will find it far less taxing on the fret hand than a typical song with lots of barre chords would be.

The last thing I demonstrate in this video guitar lesson is the little guitar solo towards the end of the song. It pretty much follows the same chord progression but instead incorporates a nice little fingerpicking pattern within each chord form.

All in all, when learning how to play Stolen Dance you will want to focus on the rhythm for much of the time since the muting technique is so essential to the groove of the song.

In order to master the muting technique you need to keep in mind that when you release the pressure on a chord in order to mute it, you don't actually let your fingers leave the string. After you release the pressure your fingers should still be holding the chord form albeit completely relaxed on the guitar strings. That way when it comes time to play the chord again all you have to do is simply reapply the pressure again without having to find the notes of the chord.

In you aren't very adept at fingerpicking yet, learning how to play Stolen Dance can be a great way to get some basic fingerpicking under your belt. Most of the song uses a simple technique of picking 3 strings together then muting them. This will allow your picking hand fingers to find the strings pretty quickly since you don't have to play any complex fingerpicking patterns.

The only real fingerpicking pattern comes in towards the end within the solo section. Just take your time and master that fingerpicking pattern over just one chord shape first. Get it down so that you can repeat it in rhythm without even thinking about it much. After that all you need to do is apply that exact same fingerpicking pattern to all of the chords in the progression and you will be playing the solo with ease. 🙂

So have fun with this one!


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How to Play Stolen Dance by Milky Chance

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