How to Play What I Got by Sublime

I have a nice quick little acoustic lesson for you today teaching you how to play "What I Got" by Sublime in it's entirety.

You might be surprised to find out that such a popular acoustic guitar hit is comprised of only two simple chords. Yep that's it, you simply play those two chords with a convincing arpeggiated guitar picking style and you have it nailed.

Keep in mind when learning how to play What I Got, that the picking doesn't stay consistent throughout. It is more of a "style" of picking you are trying to recreate here instead the exact patterns every time which would be very difficult to do. So I just suggest playing it like they themselves did, with a random arpeggiated picking style.

I do demonstrate a few hammer-ons that happen within those two chords. Doing those will help break up the monotony of the constant two chord progression.

Now besides those two chords we do have a couple of guitar solos within the song. The great thing here is that both of them are identical so you will only have to learn it once. 🙂

The solo is very short but fits the musical mood perfectly with slight blues inflected bends, double-stops and a little bit of legato. I will break the solo down phrase by phrase in the video lesson so you will have it memorized in no time at all.

I think this song is great for the entry level guitarist. The chords are simple and the solo doesn't do anything too flashy. If you have never done any guitar soloing before and choose this one to be your first, it will be a nice challenge, but shouldn't overwhelm either.

So have fun with this classic Sublime song. It isn't very often I can do a video lesson teaching a complete song and solo in just a few minutes time. Hope you enjoy this easy one today.


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How to play What I Got by Sublime


  1. ERIC ADELMAN on July 17, 2016 at 4:18 pm

    Hey Carl more more sublime please

    – smoke 2 joints
    – bad fish
    – date rape
    – greatest hits
    – pawn shop
    – and honestly anything from the acoustic album they have

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