If You Leave Me Now Guitar Chords Lesson – Chicago

In this If You Leave Me Now guitar chords lesson video, I will show you all of the guitar chords to this acoustic hit by Chicago. And for good measure, I will teach you how to play the guitar solos as well.

Released in 1976, "If You Leave Me Now" became Chicago's first number one hit. It has remained their biggest hit worldwide.

Peter Cetera wrote "If You Leave Me Now" and performed the song with a 12-string guitar tuned to standard tuning with a capo at the 2nd fret.

I will be using a standard tuned 6 string guitar with capo at the 2nd fret for this video lesson. The chords sound great either way.

We basically have two chords progression to learn. Both of them use a lot of 7th chords and contain numerous chords. However, the chord progressions themselves are quite beautiful so hopefully that will inspire you to memorize them all.

After those two chord progressions I will also tackle the solo note-for-note.

The guitar solo is very simple to play and shouldn't take very long for the upper beginner level player to play. The solo is actually much easier to play than the chord progressions.

The are also little guitar fills towards the end of the song, but as I point out in the video lesson, those fills simply repeat a portion of the main guitar solo learned earlier in the video lesson.

I hope you guys enjoy learning this classic from Chicago!


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If You Leave Me Now Guitar Chords Lesson - Chicago

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