Imagine Dragons – Believer Guitar Lesson

In this Believer guitar lesson video, I will show you the main guitar parts guitarist Wayne Sermon plays on this smash hit by Imagine Dragons.

As I mention in the video lesson, they usually perform "Believer" is a different key live, than what the song was originally recorded in.

I will be teaching the album version in the video lesson. I you want to play along with a live version of the song, simply play everything I show you in this video lesson 3 frets lower.

The first guitar part enters with a repeated fingerpicked nylon string acoustic lick. It can be played using just your thumb and index finger. This is the main riff of the song and will probably be pretty easy to master for any upper-beginner level player and above.

Later on in the song (the 2nd chorus), Sermon switches to electric guitar playing the same main lick as before, albeit an octave higher and with a pick.

There is only one quick section before the last chorus that deviates from these two main licks. You will hear 3 sustained chords played by a synth. I will show you how to play those chords on the guitar as well.

Have fun with this simple yet great track from Imagine Dragons!


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Imagine Dragons - Believer Guitar Lesson

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