Diminished Seventh Chords

This lesson is going to complete our seventh chord studies for now. There are two more types of unaltered seventh chords left (Augmentted 7th, MinMaj7th), but they are so rarely used I feel it is best to move on to some different studies.

These chords will enable you to play through virtually any fake book. If you do come upon larger chords form ie. 9th, 11th or 13th, just reduce it down to it's seventh chord foundation.

So if you come upon a Dominant 9th, just replace it with a Dominant 7th for now.

Any chord tone beyond the seventh is considered an extension and not really essential to the function of the chord. We will get into creating chord extensions in the future.

All you need to create extensions is knowledge of your seventh chord forms (check) and knowledge of basic chord theory (coming soon).

So master these guys and we will be doing much more with them in the future.

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Diminished Seventh Chords PDF

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Diminished Seventh Chords

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