Major Key Chord Progressions With Sevenths

If you have read the tutorial PDF on Seventh Chords for major keys available in the theory section, then this video lesson should be pretty simple for you to understand.

All I am doing to create the chord progressions is trying to find the closest chord available for whatever chord I need. I am using the CAGED Sequence chord forms here, so if you still don't have a strong grasp of your Seventh Chord forms, just do a search here on the site for Seventh Chords and you will find separate tutorials for every seventh chord type. 🙂

Just follow the video then try and create your own Seventh Chord progressions and I think you will find everything quite easy to grasp.

The next theory lesson will cover Minor Key chord progressions using Seventh Chords!! WOOHOO!!

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Major Key Progressions With Sevenths


  1. bernie on August 13, 2011 at 8:41 am

    very usefull for me thank you.

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