Minor Seventh Flat Five Chords

In this lesson we will study Minor 7b5 chords in the CAGED Sequnce.

By this point you can probably see how all of this is going to work. After getting all of these types of seventh chords down you will be ready for virtually any playing situation.

Seventh chords are the foundation for all of the larger chord forms ie. 9th 11th and 13th. Whether you call these chords Minor, Major or Dominant is dependent on the 7th chord foundation.

I will explain all of that a bit later though, for right now we have some more chords to memorize. Be sure to always compare each form ie. Form A, Form C etc. to its other Form A's or E's.

Here is the PDF Download For This Lesson.

Minor Seventh Flat Five Chords PDF

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Minor Seventh Flat Five Chords

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