Jamie’s Cryin’ Guitar Lesson – Van Halen

In this Jamie's Cryin' guitar lesson video, I will show you all of Eddie Van Halen's guitar parts for this classic song off of their debut album.

You will need to tune your guitar down one half-step to, starting from the 6th string, Eb Ab Db Gb Bb Eb.

"Jamie's Cryin'" starts with a double tracked guitar solo. This means there are two guitars playing the same thing at the same time. This is done for most of the solo except for one short instance where the two parts deviate. I will show you all the little details.

There is also a double solo at the end of the song. I will also show you both of those parts as well since there are moments of unison playing and others where the two guitar parts are harmonizing each other. But the great thing is these solos are pretty easy to play, especially if you compare them to others in the Van Halen catalog.

For the rhythm guitar parts, we will have some really fun stuff to learn in this Jamie's Cryin' guitar lesson video.

Eddie Van Halen's rhythm guitar work isn't mentioned enough I believe. His solo work is so out of this world brilliant, it kinda overshadows his really great rhythm guitar parts.

His rhythm guitar parts are usually pretty intricate and "Jamie's Cryin'" is no different. It will require you to play in a rhythmic style that requires you to stay tightly in the pocket while playing many guitar fills. This is all done while still keeping a loose feel! It will tackle each rhythm guitar part in the order that they appear in the song.

I hope you enjoy learn this classic song from one of the greatest rock guitarists of all time.


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Jamie's Cryin' Guitar Lesson - Van Halen


  1. Sam Jones on May 13, 2017 at 4:53 pm

    Great videos! Could you do please do scar tissue by RHCP?

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