KISS – Heaven’s On Fire Guitar Lesson

In this Heaven's On Fire guitar lesson video, I will show you how to play every note of this catchy mid-80's hit by KISS.

The guitar tuning is standard tuning.

There are a few dual guitar riffs including the chorus. However, you can pretty easily play the entire song without much trouble by combining those guitar riffs. I will demonstrate the way they were recorded, and also how to combine them into just one guitar part.

The verse is based around two simple chords, the rhythm can be a little bit tricky though. Most of the strums are on upbeats. I will break that rhythm down so it will be easy to follow.

The pre-chorus uses some large chord stretches that are used on all of the chords as you make your way up the fretboard. You will need to make sure that you lower your thumb to about the middle of the neck in order to play these chords. That will help you extend your fingers to reach the required notes.

The guitar solo is once again a dual guitar part. Both guitar parts are simply arpeggiating a simple major chord shape. The difference is that they each start on a different note of the arpeggio.

All-in-all, this is a very catchy song that is pretty easy to play. Hope you enjoy it!


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KISS - Heaven's On Fire Guitar Lesson

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