Magic! – Rude Guitar Lesson

In this complete song lesson we will learn one of the most popular songs of 2014 "Rude" by Magic!.

In this Rude guitar lesson I will show you the entire song note-for-note including all of the reggae style rhythms, riffs and the heavily Hendrix inspired solo.

There are some nice things happening on the guitar in this song. First and foremost I really like the use of dynamics that guitarist Mark Pellizzer uses throughout the song.

He basically uses a very similar chord progression throughout most of the song but in many different ways including a subdued reggae feel, straight reggae feel and letting the chords ring out with full strums.

He is also employing different parts of the chord voicings throughout all of this. In other words, he may hang out around the four middle strings when he wants to lay back a bit, but when he really wants to bring the guitar out front he will then start to really hit the top 3 strings with a heavy accent to bring out that part of those chords.

The second half of each chorus employs a cool little riff that moves around the fretboard quite a bit. It is actually quite fun to play, especially if you lock in the groove. Each time that riff ends there is a quick 16th note picking sequence across 2 strings. You may want to isolate just that 16th note part and practice it with lots of repetitions to really get it down cleanly.

The solo you will learn in this Rude guitar lesson is also really cool and a bit of a challenge. It has a strong Hendrix influence with guitarist Mark Pellizzer using the well known Hendrix chordal lead style through the main part of the solo. I think the hardest part of this section of the solo is the rhythm. If you can feel where you are within the measure it will make everything much easier to play and those quick doublestops will fall under your fingers easily. Of course learning that doublestop section is also a bit tricky due to the guitar effect he is using during it. That effect really does make it difficult to hear where the guitar part is at any given point. Hopefully hearing me play that part without any effects in this video lesson will help you get it down more quickly.

So I hope you guys enjoy learning this modern classic. I truly feel there is some great guitar work that just about any player will enjoy learning. 🙂


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Magic! - Rude Guitar Lesson

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