Margaritaville Guitar Lesson – Jimmy Buffett

In this Magaritaville guitar lesson video, I will show you all the chords to this Jimmy Buffett classic and transcribe the steel drum solo for guitar as well.

By far Jimmy Buffett's biggest hit, "Margaritaville" is now a classic that perfectly conjures up that relaxed beach style that Jimmy Buffett is so recognized for.

In the guitar lesson, I will be demonstrating a rhythm guitar method that might be something you aren't very familiar with. This strumming pattern requires you to pick a bass line that revolves around the root and fifth of a chord, while continually strumming the full chord as well. This style of picking creates a nice rhythmic quality that seems to constantly propel the song forward rhythmically.

It can be a little difficult to pick those single bass notes accurately, but after a little bit of practice you will probably feel pretty confident playing in this rhythmic style.

The chords themselves are mostly just basic open position chords. The are some slight embellishments thrown in there from time-to-time, so I will be sure to point those out when they occur.

The real star of the show is my transcription of the steel drum solo for guitar. This is a going to be a little more challenging than the chords, but most intermediate level guitarists won't have much trouble with it. It is really cool to play such a well known solo that was originally played on a different instrument and watch it come alive on the guitar. Your friends will love it!

Hope you guys enjoy this one!


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Margaritaville Guitar Lesson - Jimmy Buffett


  1. grady busbee on November 30, 2019 at 6:03 am

    My hearing was damaged during the Viet Nam era conflict and I can no longer hear the difference between two adjacent notes on the guitar neck so to be absolutely sure of the correct fingering I need tabs so as to not make a fool of myself when performing. Unfortunately I can find no tabs for Margaritaville solo? So Sad! Grady

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