Maybe I’m Amazed Guitar Lesson – Paul McCartney

Originally released in 1970 and later released as a live single from the 1976 Wings Over America album, "Maybe I'm Amazed" is well known as being one of Paul McCartney's greatest love songs. In fact, McCartney recently stated in an interview that "Maybe I'm Amazed" is the main song that he would like to be remembered for.

In this Maybe I'm Amazed guitar lesson video, I will show you a nice guitar arrangement of original piano recording. In the second video lesson, I will show you how to play the guitar solos. So let's get to it!

The intro of the song uses a simple but beautiful chord progression ending in free time to set up the main progression to come.

When the song kicks in the guitar transcription requires only a simple finger-picked pattern to accompany a really nice chord progression. Paul McCartney uses a lot of chord inversions to make the bass line more interesting and the harmony less predictable. It all flows extremely well. Halfway through there is a quick little chromatic scale lick. I picked this all with my right hand thumb but feel free to use whatever finger feel the most comfortable to you.

The next section is easier to play and I use just a simple strumming pattern. However, there is a cool piano lick in this section so I transcribe that for guitar as well. 🙂

All-in-all the piano parts work really nicely on the guitar. They sound nice and full and aren't very difficult to play as long as you can play simple barre chords.

In the second video lesson I will cover the guitar solos. Paul played these solos himself on the original recording. In fact, he played every part by every instrument!

These solos are extremely melodic and are just as important to the song as the lyrics and vocal melody. They demonstrate how to truly write a guitar solo that will have a lasting impression on the audience. You can pretty much hum the solos after just hearing them played once. That is how melodic they are.

So enjoy learning this great love song by the legendary Paul McCartney! Hopefully you can impress your friends a bit by playing the whole thing on the guitar. 🙂


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Maybe I'm Amazed Guitar Lesson - Paul McCartney

Maybe I'm Amazed Guitar Lesson Pt.2 - Solos


  1. Jon Sweeney on January 7, 2024 at 6:02 pm

    Thanks, Carl. Bowl of cherries album by McCartney is one of my favourites. My big brother bought it when we were still in sharing the same room. He had the top bunk. Played on an old vinyl lathe of a record player.

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