Metallica – The Shortest Straw

In this The Shortest Straw guitar lesson video, I will show you how to play all of this Metallica classic off of their ...And Justice For All album note-for-note.

The tuning is standard tuning.

This epic track contains some of my favorite riffs of Metallica's career along with one of Kirk Hammett's coolest solos.

The rhythm guitar parts aren't overly technical compared to some of the other songs on ...And Justice For All, but the grooves of some of the riffs including the main riff that makes up the chorus is just a lot of fun to play. I will demonstrate each section of the song in the order that it appears in the song.

At the end of the video, I will perform Kirk Hammett's solo and then follow it with a note-for-note tutorial for it.

This solo has some very challenging but incredibly cool guitar licks in it. I will help you identify the patterns within some of the licks that will help you memorize the notes faster.

In addition to that, there is a rapid descending alternate picked cross string lick that Hammett plays. I will show you an alternate way to pick that lick using hybrid picking that may make it a bit easier for you to play at tempo.

I hope you guys enjoy rocking out with this one!


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Metallica - The Shortest Straw

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