Musik Tent Instrument Humidor – Review

Today I am going to do a quick little video review of the Musik Tent Instrument Humidor by Origineer Design. This inexpensive device is probably the most important thing that you can use to keep you beloved guitars in top condition.

You may be unfamiliar with how humidity can affect your guitar, so this review will give you a good idea of why it is important to keep it in check.

I recently purchased a concert classical guitar. Classical guitars can be quite delicate. But something all guitars have in common is how they are affected by humidity levels. In fact, the maker of my classical guitar, Fritz Mueller, included a very detailed print out of how to care for the guitar. The most important element he stressed is to keep the guitar at around a 50% humidity level to avoid debilitating effects setting in on my guitar including, losing it's setup, all the way to the wood itself cracking due to insufficient humidity levels.

This began to stress me out a bit when the in case humidity packs I was using were drying out very fast. Fritz's solution was to create a humidity controlled area of my home by sealing off part of a closest and installing a humidifier. I was just about to do that before finding out about this new invention called the Musik Tent by Origineer Design.

I quickly got a hold of one and set it up inside a closet in my house. Most guitar makers say that keeping the humidity level between 45-55 percent will keep your guitars happy. However, if the humidity level drops below 40%, or goes above 60%, it is definitely time to take action.

The first afternoon I set up the Musik Tent, the humidity level in my home was abut 28%. Within a few hours of setting up my Musik Tent, the humidity level inside the tent enclosure was at the perfect 50% level. I then placed my guitars in the enclosure, finally content that they are being well maintained. Since that time, the humidity level has gone up quite a bit in my home, so I was able to adjust how much humidity the Musik Tent's humidification source added to the inside of the tent to still keep everything around 50%.

In fact, I purchased a DampRid moisture absorber from Home Depot (about $3) to help maintain any excessive humidity levels within the tent. By placing the DampRid inside the tent enclosure by itself, it will take almost all of the humidity out of the air. Not good! However, when you use it in conjunction with the Musik Tent's humidification source, it is very easy to have them work together to maintain a constant perfect humidity level within the tent no matter how low or how high the humidity level gets in your home.

The upkeep is extremely minimal. After you get the humidity to the level you want, you probably won't even have to add any water for a few months. That is right, one gallon of distilled water every few months is all it will probably take to keep your guitars healthy. For very very dry climates, you may have to add one gallon a month but that would be about it.

I couldn't be happier with my Musik Tent, that is why I thought it warranted a full video review to not only show you this great new product available to us guitar players, but to also educate you on the importance of controlling the humidity levels your prized guitars are exposed to.

Here is a link to the Origineer Design website to find out more about the Musik Tent: Musik Tent Instrument Humidor by Origineer Design

Now that is not an affiliate link and I am in no fashion making anything off of this review. I truly just think this is a very affordable ($99 at the time of writing this) but essential product that all guitar players that want to take care of their guitars will need.

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Musik Tent Instrument Humidor - Review

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